Let’s reimagine construction

We believe that great design means balancing form, function, and footprint. It’s why we’ve worked to create a beautifully efficient system that can be adapted to the diverse needs of communities around the world.

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Mighty savings on construction time and costs

Faster time to build
Tensile and flexural strength
Less materials waste

Save with our kit system

The Mighty Kit System is precision engineered to deliver the future of home construction, with near-zero waste production.

construction crew assembles panels

Rapid assembly with minimal labor

Our home kit systems can be assembled by standard labor in less time.

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Customizable designs

Quickly design and assemble custom designs and floor plans with a range of stunning wall textures.

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exterior of Mighty Home

Control your supply chain

Improve price predictability and efficiency as walls quickly arrive pre-built and ready to install.

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Reduce site weather exposure

Minimize delays related to site weather issues with walls pre-built off site in a factory with high quality control standards. 

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Mighty developer platform

Our 3D printing fabrication, kit system design, and developer support services all come together in our developer platform, which allows developers to quickly deliver beautiful, high quality, sustainable homes at scale.

Contact our team

Contact our team to explore how we can build a better future together.

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Chief Product Officer
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Ryan Evans
Senior Director, Business Development
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