Dual crises

We face two global crises in housing and climate change. Prices are rising faster than inflation, population growth is outpacing construction, and supply can't keep up. We need more homes fast, but with traditional home construction producing 27% of CO2e, ending the cycle will require a paradigm shift — one that puts people and the planet first.

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Home of the future

Mighty Buildings uses patented 3D printing technology to revolutionize sustainable home construction. For the past five years, we’ve been working tirelessly to perfect our zero-waste production, kit system design,
and unique concrete-free formula to create design-forward homes
while reducing time, costs, and emissions.

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Less waste
Recycled materials
Faster to build

Our mighty commitments to sustainability

Our ambition is to deliver carbon negative construction by 2028, and we’re already making big strides to get there.

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Our mighty commitments
to sustainability

Our ambition is to deliver carbon negative construction by 2028, and we’re already making big strides to get there.

Our patented, certified Mighty Kit System™ has near-zero waste production, producing only 1% of the waste generated by traditional methods. And we’re improving our proprietary 3D printing formula all the time, introducing recyclable fillers, bio-based and recycled polymers and applying new technology to help make our composite formula carbon negative.

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Our sustainability operating standards

Use proven life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology to assess production

Verification of sustainability claims
and potential by third party experts

Partner with sustainability driven suppliers and partners

What sets us apart

Our pioneering 3D printing technology, advanced materials, and robotic automation make sustainable homes a reality for all.

Resilient against a changing climate

Mighty Buildings are well-suited for an environment impacted by climate change.

  • Highly insulated and soundproof design
  • Earthquake and hurricane resistance
  • Class A surface burning characteristics
  • Water, mold, mildew, & insect resistance
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Zero net energy capable

Mighty Homes™ can come equipped with solar panels and storage, allowing them to achieve zero net energy consumption.

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Kind to the environment

Build homes faster, with people and planet in mind

  • Materials partially composed of sustainably sourced recycled resins
  • Glass fiber reinforcement replaces steel rebar
  • Less material required to produce walls when compared to concrete
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Less waste

A traditional 1,200 sq. ft. home construction produces 2.1 tons of waste.

  • We eliminate 99% of construction waste and use fewer materials
  • Significantly reduces CO2 emissions by reducing 2-4 tons of waste per home
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Better for people and planet

You don't need to choose between speed, quality, design and protecting the planet. Together we can build a better future for the construction industry and the environment.

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