Mighty Buildings Opens Factory in Monterrey, MX to 3D Print Climate-Resilient Homes for US Market at Scale

March 28, 2023

OAKLAND, CA, March 28, 2023 Mighty Buildings, a 3D-printing construction technology company dedicated to building beautiful, sustainable, and climate-resilient homes at scale, announced today the opening of its newest factory in Monterrey, Mexico. Powered by innovative 3D printing technology that leverages the company’s patented composite materials, the new Monterrey factory is capable of producing its components for an entire home during each day of operation, and is focused on scaling the development of Mighty Buildings’ homes in the Southern California region, beginning with Desert Hot Springs.

“With the opening of our factory in Monterrey, Mexico, Mighty Buildings has taken a major step forward in the accelerated growth and adoption of sustainable, net-zero energy homes,” noted Scott Gebicke, CEO, Mighty Buildings. “This also demonstrates our unique ability to drive the future of home construction by setting up scalable manufacturing operations close to where they are needed, enabling Mighty Buildings to rapidly serve areas in urgent need of climate-resilient housing, and to meet the needs of our developer partners.”

The establishment of manufacturing facilities in Monterrey is the next step in Mighty Buildings’ strategy to transform the way the world builds homes, while helping to solve the climate and housing crises. Using innovative material science, robotics and automation, Mighty Buildings can create climate-resilient, carbon-neutral housing that is comfortable, beautiful and can resist  severe weather including hurricanes and earthquakes. This is made possible by Mighty Buildings’ proprietary concrete-free composite stone material that is as much as 5x stronger than concrete, yet up to 30% lighter in weight, and costs as much as 15% less per square foot.

The new Monterrey factory is focused on the creation of 3D printed components for the company’s Mighty Kit System that enables the rapid construction of prefab housing, with the ability to print panels for 1 - 2 homes per day. This offsite manufacturing process cuts on-site building time by as much as 50%, providing for the completion of a home’s envelope in less than one week with near zero waste. From initial groundbreaking to full completion, a Mighty Buildings home can be ready for residents in as little as two to three months, a 2-3x improvement over the industry average of seven to eight months (per the U.S. Census Bureau).

In addition to helping solve housing shortages, the decreased time to market would be a boon to developers seeking to increase their IRR (Internal Rate of Return).

This illustrates the significant benefits and cost efficiencies of continuous production of prefab components in a factory, vs. 3D printing components directly at a construction site. This model enables Mighty Buildings to establish a micro factory that runs 24/7 near a building site in any area without experiencing manufacturing disruptions due to weather and noise concerns.

Visual materials of the factory and Mighty Buildings homes can be found here.

About Mighty Buildings

Founded in 2017, Mighty Buildings is committed to transforming the housing construction sector through the development of beautiful high-quality and climate-resilient prefab homes. By leveraging 3D printing, advanced material science and automation for offsite prefabrication, Mighty Buildings can build houses up to three times as fast as the industry standard with near zero waste, and significantly reduces the environmental impact of conventional home construction. Mighty Buildings works with compliance and regulatory agencies to develop future-forward materials that are tested and certified to the most rigorous standards, and have been proven to provide high-velocity hurricane, earthquake and water damage resistance. Mighty Buildings is actively collaborating with developers to build communities of single-family homes in various configurations, based on its unique, panelized Mighty Kit System. 

For more info, visit mightybuildings.com.

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