Mighty Buildings Teams Up With Fortera To Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Mighty Buildings Homes By Using Cement Made With Co2

October 12, 2022

OAKLAND, Calif. - Mighty Buildings, a construction technology company that is revolutionizing the construction industry by using 3D printing, advanced materials, and robotic automation to create beautiful, sustainable, and high-quality homes, has announced a formal partnership with Fortera, a materials technology company that has developed a new cement that reduces CO2 emissions by more than 60% for every ton of cement replaced. This partnership will help advance Mighty Building's mission of addressing the housing availability crisis while becoming carbon neutral by 2028 - 22 years ahead of the construction industry.

Fortera is a Silicon Valley-based Materials Technology Company that has developed a new cementitious material that converts carbon dioxide into cement, reducing CO₂emissions by more than 60%. Traditional cement used for foundations contributes to a significant portion of the overall carbon footprint for a Mighty Buildings home. Finding cement alternatives that have a lower carbon footprint is an important step in reaching their carbon neutral goal.

This partnership is a direct result of Mighty Buildings' most recent $22M funding round to accelerate its carbon neutrality roadmap and further strategic supply chain partnerships.

'We're constantly searching for new materials that will help us reach our goals, so we're thrilled to work with Fortera and this new carbon dioxide based cement." said Sam Ruben, Chief Sustainability Officer and Co-Founder of Mighty Buildings.

"With the engineering and construction of our production plant underway, we have been seeking strategic relationships with offtake partners whose mission and values align with ours, which is why Mighty Buildings is a great fit for us." said Dr. Gilliam, CEO and Co-Founder of Fortera. "By specifying our low CO₂cement for their builds, Mighty Buildings is reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to the overall goal of reducing global emissions." added Dr. Gilliam.

Finding new materials and creating novel manufacturing processes are part of how Mighty Buildings will meet its ambitious carbon neutrality goal. This partnership with Fortera is an example of how Mighty Buildings is working with suppliers to advance technologies and innovations for the entire home construction industry.

About Fortera
Fortera is a Silicon Valley-based Materials Technology Company founded in May 2019 that has created a process that economically converts CO2 into a cement. The product is ready for use anywhere Ordinary Portland Cement is used, reducing CO2 emissions by 60% for every ton consumed. Fortera is in the process of building its first commercial plant in Redding, CA where it will manufacture a low CO 2 supplementary cementitious material. For more information, please visit www.ForteraUSA.com.

For questions about Fortera, please contact us at: info@forterausa.com

About Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings is a construction technology company that is dedicated to reimagining the building industry, from the factory to the foundation. By applying state-of-the-art automation and innovative new technologies, Mighty Buildings can 3D print structures twice as fast with 95% less labor hours and ten times less waste than conventional construction. Mighty Buildings works with compliance and regulatory agencies to develop future-forward materials that are tested to the most rigorous standards with nearly zero-waste production methods. Mighty Buildings projects range from pre-designed ADUs for homeowners to single family residential developments utilizing their unique panelized Mighty Kit System. Mighty Buildings is committed to making beautiful, sustainable, and high-quality homes a reality for more people.

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