Quality and speed with a revolutionary kit of parts

Days to assemble home
MPH wind resistance
width of assembly to achieve R-24

Introducing the Mighty Kit System™, an easy-to-configure platform that automates construction

3D panel rendering3D panel rendering3D panel rendering3D panel rendering
3D panel rendering with steel frame

Beautifully simple, no finishes needed

Occupying only 8 inches and requiring merely 5 layers of material, our precision-engineered wall assembly arrives onsite ready to install with a finished interior and exterior wall.

3D panel rendering

3D printed panel

Printed using our patented composite stone material, and coated with epoxy based primer and acrylic paint. No air/water barriers.

3D panel rendering

PU foam insulation

Near zero waste insulation process and customizable R-value.

3D panel rendering

Steel frame

Certified up to 4 stories, and adaptable to more, our structural frame enables design flexibility while providing durability.

3D panel rendering with steel frame

Primer and paint

Provides a crisp, weatherproof finish. No vapor barrier needed.

Build with us

Build better offsite

The Mighty Kit System (MKS) includes 3D printed panels, a highly versatile structural system, and the essential hardware for easy installation. Exterior doors, windows and roof cassettes complete a watertight envelope.

Unrivaled speed, ease of installation, aesthetic range, and design configurability. Rigorously tested and ICC-certified, the system's materials, components, and assemblies provide a robust solution for resilient housing.

Mighty Buildings assembly

Material Science

Our patented LUMUS™ Material is stronger and lighter than concrete, fast curing and flexible to support modern design, and reduces environmental impact.

Tensile and flexural strength vs. concrete
Lighter weight vs. concrete
  • icon of flooding resistance

    Water, mold, mildew, and insect resistance

    Superior material characteristics and UV protective coating
  • icon of fire rating

    Class A surface burning characteristics

    Self-extinguishing material with Flame Spread Index 5
    and Smoke Developed Index 10
  • icon of resilience

    Highly insulated and soundproof design

    >18 R-value for 7”-thick, insulated 3D-printed panel
  • icon of wind resistance

    High velocity hurricane resistance

    Hurricane wind resistance, 4-5x more flexural
    and tensile strength than concrete
  • icon of building lifetime

    Expected building lifespan 50+ years

    Evaluated by EAD standard: EAD 040287-00-0404
  • icon of seismic resistance

    Earthquake resistance

    Evaluated accorded to ICC-EO AC156
parametric 3d printed panel

Elevated quality

Our 3D printed exterior finishes are of the highest quality, and feature head-turning parametric designs.


Mighty in strength

Durable, airtight assemblies provide exceptional energy efficiency and resilience to extreme weather and natural disasters

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entry door to home
reflection on window

Kind to the environment

Composite stone uses less material, and is composed of 60% sustainably sourced & recycled components.


Mighty Factory

We remove conventional production limits with automated off-site factory 3D printing, quick delivery and use of LUMUS™ instead of concrete.

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Advanced 3D printing and material

Proprietary composite stone and 3D printing method support efficient, sustainable and uniquely creative design.

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Automated precision milling

Our automated milling reduces manual effort, smoothing edges or entire surfaces and creating textures or even engravings.

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Efficient insulation

Insulating panel interiors with PU-foam, produced with a near zero waste process, leads to superior energy efficiency.

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Extreme weather protective coating

Robotic coating application increases weather resistance. Customers can swap colors without impacting manufacturing.

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Build a mighty career

Help us tackle housing and climate crises by building sustainable, beautiful, and mighty homes.

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Better for people and planet

You don't need to choose between speed, quality, design and protecting the planet. Together we can build a better future for the construction industry and the environment.

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